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Coldicote | 12:52 Sat 08th Feb 2014 | Computers
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I often see on my Google opening page a notice saying Install Google Chrome - A faster way to browse the web. Ordinary Google seems good enough for me. Is Chrome really faster and are there any disadvantages? Glad to hear from anyone with experience of it.


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I have just closed my Google Chrome account and gone back to normal searching. I found there were too many bits and pieces that could be added and found it too intrusive.
Google Chrome is a browser like Internet Explorer rather than the search bit of Google (that's my understanding anyway). I installed it because I found AB almost unusable on IE, constantly freezing. I use it all the time now but have noticed no difference in speed of looking things up on Google.
Google is a website (including search engine) which you can view with any internet browser. Chrome is one such browser i.e. a computer program which lets you view webpages such as those in the Google website; it has been created by Google. Others that you can use are Firefox (my choice) and Internet Explorer.

p.s. you can have more than one internet browser on your computer; they are independent programs so you can run them simultaneously, if you want.
It looks like others have explained the difference between Google (a search engine) and Google Chrome (a web browser from the company behind that search engine).

Among the 'regulars' here in AB's Technology section, the vast majority (wisely, in my opinion) won't touch Internet Explorer with any number of bargepoles, which means that they've sought out an alternative. Chrome is quite popular but I find it far less intuitive to use than Firefox, which seems to be the most popular browser around here (and which I love). Why not give it a go? (You can have as many browsers as you like on your computer, without any risk of conflicts, so there's nothing to lose):
I use Firefox and find it very good. Has anyone tried Waterfox?
Isn't it weird I have tried Firefox a number of times & cannot get on with it at all, it has proved to be hopeless on AB,constantly freezing & not allowing me to select Latest Posts or even moving to the next page on an interesting post. I am trying Chrome at the moment & find it quite good.

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Many thanks for these helpful answers. I'm now inclined to leave Chrome alone and stay as I am with IE, but I may try Firefox now I understand I can have more than one browser on my computer.

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