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muddlemuch | 17:37 Thu 06th Feb 2014 | Computers
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Good afternoon A/b`s I new to macbook pro having been M/s windows for ever
I have tried to migrate from my laptop my data, migration assistant stated migration successful having taken many hours by wifi but I cannot find the data transferred. Can any dear sole give a pensioner some advice please.
Thank you Rick


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Never used the migration feature, but do know macs.

If you know the name of one of your files try searching for it in the mac.

Use command F to search and enter the file name
Presumably you started / followed instructions as per the info on the Apple web site:

If so, I would expect the Windows Files to be copied to the same account name on the Mac as per the PC account name e.g. PC=\Users\Rick copied to Mac=\Users\Rick

If so, as you say you are new to a Macbook, it might be worth doing some further reading on how to navigate the Mac System File system. There is a very useful tutorial at the following link:
pinkyboyid ... Spot on. Mentioned before on another post; but anyone new to Macs, would get great benefit from: 'Mac Basics', various Mac OS X editions, if a new Mac it would be the Mavericks edition. These are published by Pearson in their 'In simple Steps' series.
Have a look at either their or local library or almost any reputable Book-Sellers, think it still sells for under £12.
Happy 'macing' - well worth the change.
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A big thank you to you who so kindly replied I will try them all.god bless

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Macbook Pro ( Migration Assistant )

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