Boot Failed On Toshiba Lappy

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Barmaid | 11:11 Thu 06th Feb 2014 | Computers
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We have a Toshiba Satellite C660-17L. It will not boot up.

When you switch it on it comes up with a message saying "boot failed" and then sometimes (not always) it goes to Bios setup.

A minute ago we got it a bit further and it came up with another screen that said start Windows 7, but then it just hangs.

Any suggestions, please?

(I have tried taking the battery off and disconnecting all power and that doesnt seem to have moved us any further forwards)


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Will it start in safe mode?
How old is it?
Question Author
No, wont start in any mode.

It it about 2 years and 3 months old. Ie, just out of warranty.
It sounds like you're going to have to resort to your rescue disc - you did bother to make one, didn't you?
I had a toshiba with a similar problem and it was the hard drive had failed but as it had lost some windows files it wouldnt boot.
I eventually got it going by putting the windows cd in and changing it to boot up from the cd player which allowed me to copy the files I needed.
I managed to get it to recover the windows and I manged to keep it running for a few more months before the Hard drive controller died.
If you do not have the Windows 7 cd or rescue cd to hand, you can legally download a full Windows 7 cd image from the internet. This can be burned to a cd. Link here Obviously if you do not have access to another computer to create the disc you could borrow a copy of Windows 7 from someone. Needs to be the same version as on your computer.
I should point out that you will need your licence key which can be found stuck on your computer somewhere.
I had this problem on pc....took it to computer doctor who fixed it....virus !!!

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Boot Failed On Toshiba Lappy

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