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telboy1938 | 10:00 Thu 29th Aug 2013 | Computers
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Having been a supporter of Nokia for a long time I have never had a problem transferring contacts + messages + photos etc from one phone to another by using Nokia PC Suite on my PC. However, although I'm no "spring chicken" I have just upgraded to a more complex nokia lumia 620. My previous phone is the nokia asha 302 and all my contacts etc on that phone are stored on Nokia PC Suite. Try as I may I cannot find a way to transfer them to the new phone so I am relying on you guys out there to guide me through it. Thanks in advance. Tel


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I feel sure I have read somewhere that the Nokia PC suite does Not sync with a Lumia 620 and that you will need to install the following:-

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That's fine for music / photos etc but nowhere does it mention my contacts. Any other ideas please. I can't see that the only way would be a "one at a time" entering.......I've got 450+ to import. Tel
One should be able to copy to the SIM card (assuming the contacts are on your old handset) and copy to the new handset from the SIM.

Have to say Nokia is annoying me of late. The latest update of Nokia Suite fails to install and try as I might I can not see the link or e-mail address that allows me to ask why not. Even older e-mails from then from when I did manage it months ago, tend to come from a noreply address. I sometimes think companies can't be bothered with customers these days. Customer Service standards apparently dropping fast everywhere.
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Hi Guys, I have eventually found an answer to my problem, Nokia Lumia 620 is not compatible with Nokia Asha 302. I copied all data from Asha 302 to Nokia PC Suite and then copied it from Suite to my old Nokia 6303i phone. Lumia searched for the 6303i and immediately "paired" and copied everything across. As you guys say, Nokia are losing the plot. Regards. Tel

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