Keeping Copies Of Sent Emails On Outlook 2010

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fredrika | 11:27 Thu 11th Jul 2013 | Computers
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When I send emails on Outlook, as far as I can tell, no record of them is being kept on my PC or email account. The Sent Items folder is always empty. I've followed the instructions on Microsoft's knowledge base to fix this problem (here: ) but to no avail. I've also removed all filters on messages to display, in case the emails were there but just hidden.

Has anybody else experienced this problem, or have any suggestions for solving it?

It's Microsoft Outlook 2010, running on Windows 7 64-bit, and it's a email address, if any of that helps.

Thank you in advance!


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That support link is for Outlook Express not for Outlook.

Outlook stores and saves its files in a different format from Outlook Express.
I haven't a clue about Outlook. However, I have Googled the following, which may be of some use.:-


I use Outlook 2007. In Outlook Tools > Options there is a button E-Mail Options. Click on that and a window opens. In the Message Handling section there is box that can be checked to Save copies of messages in Sent Items Folder.Check the box, click OK to go back to the Options window, click OK to close th Options window. Try that and see if it works.

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Keeping Copies Of Sent Emails On Outlook 2010

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