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trish1234567 | 14:58 Fri 26th Apr 2013 | Computers
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I have been doing this crossword on line for quite a time. However, I now suddenly find that I cannot get the crossword up. The icon on the upper toolbar is shown as ‘broken’ which I think it is to do with Microsoft privacy.
I am now finding this 'broken icon' at the top of most sites I look into, e.g. B&Q, Asda, Argos, etc. The only sites where this isn’t happening is M&S, pcworld and google (there may be others) which seems strange.

I’m loathe to alter anything to do with Microsoft in case I change something else. Is it to do with Microsoft firewall being switched on? I pay about £40 per yr for Trend Micro Virus sec. so I don’t depend on free security. I have tried System Resto and I'm presently using Windows 7. Any help please!


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Problem solved - I think!
Java was not fully operating so I've reinstalled it. It seems that Oracle is now operating Java and not Sun as previously. Here lies the problems, as noted from snippets on the internet. Still cannot get the crossword up though.
Have you uninstalled the previous version of Java? The latest Java is No. 7, update 21, totallng 129 Mb. version 7.0.210, update issued about 3rd April 2013.
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Thankyou frugalfred for that information. I'll make sure I do that!
Trish - I got the DM crossword up, after a request came on the screen to allow Java to run. You can tick (a) a box to allow it to run, and (b) tick-box not to show the warning again.
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Hi frugalfred – After numerous more attempts, I’m still having no luck getting the DM crossword up! I cannot see any boxes either allowing Java to run or not to run – where might they be? I have to say here that my husband’s always telling me I need to go to SpecSaver.

The perculiar thing is that I can get up every other puzzle on the page (which I don’t want anyway), but when I try the crossword, I get at bottom of page from I.E. “page not responding-recover webpage” ……. but I never can!!!

I now think the trouble lies with I.E. which interferes with my Mozilla Firefox. It is for this reason that I prefer to use Firefox. Many thanks for your help.
I have been having this trouble too, installed latest Java but still no result. E mailed the Mail, they said they are aware of the problem [but they don't seem to be doing anything to fix it]

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