Pconkey 8Gb: Driver For Win Xp Sp3

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gl556tr | 14:56 Sun 21st Apr 2013 | Computers
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I have a PConKey USB 2.0 8GB flash memory stick. I have often used it as a means of storing and transferring data between two PCs - one with Win XP SP3, the other iMac OS 10.5.
I take great care to have this piece of HW "ejected", before physically removing it.
Whilst working on the iMac for several days -- during which time it was removed and re-inserted -- I NEVER experienced problems with it. Until I wanted to use it and popped it into the usual USB socket. Whereas this normally results in the 8GB stick shown as an icon on the desktop, NOTHING appeared.
Initially, it didn't really bother me, as all the data on it were up-to-date; and the next day I would be back using Win XP SP3. Imagine my surprise when no reaction was registered when I inserted the USB stick in this PC as well.
I searched the internet for a suitable driver, to no avail. I did find one URL(, but my anti-virus SW flashed a warning not to go further.
Now I really am in a quandary. Funnily enough, I haven't been able to find a possible OEM or indeed a dealership through which I could possibly obtain a driver.
Could anybody offer solutions? Could faulty connections be the cause - but how to tackle this (take it apart!!)??


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If neither the Mac nor the PCs recognise it, then the problem is with the device itself, so there is no way that you could solve it with a driver download - especially as USB sticks don't require special drivers.

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Pconkey 8Gb: Driver For Win Xp Sp3

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