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eastern | 11:13 Tue 05th Mar 2013 | Computers
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I have an Epson P/S/C and have been using 3rd party cartridges in it, it also only gets used infrequently. I've noticed one or two of the colours are not coming through properly and I assume its due to blocked nozzles. Anyone know any way you can clean them? I did think of getting an old cartridge, putting in some cleaning fluid and running that through but I was wondering if there's an easier way. Thanks


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In the Epson Status Monitor, you can test the heads and clean them. See web page if you need to download it;data=s7ZZ7XD4cY1a9XP4vU002FO55TOkaEOPER4TgU002Fj1cumKwD8U003D&tc=6
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