Not Enough Usb Sockets

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mikey4444 | 17:42 Sat 23rd Feb 2013 | Computers
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My trusty Packard Bell desk top PC is now 6 years old but it isn't giving any problems and I can't afford to replace it, even it I had to. But it does have one only has two USB sockets.

Can I get an adapter, for want of a better word, that I can plug into
one of these USBs that will allow me have some more.

Its beginning to be a problem as I now use a wireless keyboard and mouse, plus a portable hard drive, and I need to be able to plug my digital camera into the PC quite often.


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...or from Maplins stores.....
...or, I have one in a drawer, somewhere....
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Thanks rojash ( nice to see that you do answers for techy things as well
as crossword puzzles ! )

So I take it that if I sacrifice one of my ports and plug this in instead, I can use a multiple of gadgets at the same time ? IE they won't interfere with each other ?

Sorry...I am being a bit thick on this one...I have never really understood USBs and likewise for Bluetooth thingys.
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Thanks also to ginge...we crossed in the post.
Both my desktop computers have been packard bell. 1st one I had 9 years ago had 2 usb at the front and 3 or 4 spare at the back . I renewed with another packard bell last year and same 2 at the front and 3 0r 4 spare at the back. Even as far back as 9 years they had spare sockets at the back just wondering why your one hasn't.
Or fit one of these USB 3 cards to your computer and get 4 ports with the faster USB 3 connection. You can plug an adaptor into it too, to get 7 ports.
Forgot to put the link. Dohh. User Recommendation
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Wendilla ! You are a genius ! I haven't had my PC away from the wall for years, not even for some light dusting. I took it out 10 mins ago, and what
did I find ?

4 bloody USBs round the back !

Bugger me...they have been there all along and I never knew ! ( but why don't they put the fecking things out the front, where we can see them ? )

So, don't need USB Hub now apparently !

Thanks to everybody. You know, AB is just the best thing on the 'net when you want to know something quickly, and it saves having to drive over to PC World to speak to those spotty boys they have there !
Mikey.......... one other thing. Rear USBs are often hard to get at quickly.
You can buy (cheaply) an "extension lead". That would bring one of the rear sockets around to the front .
" but why don't they put the fecking things out the front, where we can see them ?"

For the same reason they don't put the mains lead or monitor connections round the front. They are intended for stuff that you are going to leave permanently connected (such as keyboard, mouse, printer), as opposed to stuff that you may frequently disconnect (backup drives, USB sticks, cameras). After all, you don't want your desk to be a complete mess of connecting leads, do you?
I have an HP desktop and mine are at the front...much better than those at the back!!!!
...and at the back
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Thanks everybody for all your help and comments, and, yes, Rojash I don't want my desk to be any more untidy than it is already...which is a lot !
I am so glad I was helpful as I did not like to say look at the back just in case you thought I was being clever. I am not tech myself but this one puzzled me . Glad all is sorted .

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Not Enough Usb Sockets

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