Annoying Pop-Ups.

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derekpara | 20:57 Sun 17th Feb 2013 | Computers
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How do I stop annoying and unwanted pop-ups which appear on each side of the AB columns ?


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Forgot to say I'm on Windows XP with Firefox.

I've checked the 'Pop-up' box which is supposed to prevent these intrusions but without success.
The flashing ones are indeed annoying. The static ones don't worry me. It is the price you have to pay for enjoying the visits to Answerbank. The advertisers pay to display their wares and AB makes a tidy profit. It is the way the world works. Nothing is for free.
you need an adblock program.I do not get any of the adverts.
You shouldn't use adblocker on theanswerbank, you pay no money to use this site the price you pay is the ads you are complaining about. Without advertising excellent sites like this one could not exist.
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Tanks, Ub. Ad-blocker installed and pop-ups gone !

So you don't have to 'pay the price' after all, Wildwood.
Arsenal information on Facebook is an unwanted intrusion. Tried blocking it, to no avail.
Hi derekpara...Hope you don't block me as an unwanted 'pop-up'.
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Hi, Alston. Wouldn't dream of it !



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Annoying Pop-Ups.

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