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MichaelZZ | 18:50 Thu 07th Feb 2013 | Computers
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I have managed to resolve this problem with a little help form the folk where I bought my PC 4 years ago and from a local PC repair shop.
After repeated crashes in various start up modes I reinstalled Windows. This did not cure the problem and I was advised to run "Memtest 86". I duly did this and it immediately found errors on both memory modules. I purchased one new module and inserted it on its own. I then uninstalled Windows and did another clean install.
This had the desired effect and my PC is now running smoothly again, albeit on only one memory stick. I am trying to invoke the "lifetime guarantee" clause from the stick manufactures (Corsair) but at the moment they are prevaricating.
I just thought that everyone who answered my original question would like to know the result of my endeavours.


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Glad to hear that you have now sorted your problem.

As a recap I did mention in my previous post that it may be a possible memory problem and suggested using a Vista Recovery Disk that includes some memory diagnostics. I would be interested to know if you had tried Vista Recovery or not. The Memtest86 program is also an excellent memory checker.

For ref my previous post:
"you could try creating a Boot-able Vista Recovery CD that has some diagnostics checks available to run on your system, including memory checking which could be a potential cause of the problem. Info on how to go about downloading and creating a Vista Recovery CD can be found here:
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Thanks for that comment, PB. Yes, I did go through the Vista memory diagnostics routine but, as we say in these parts, it found nowt!
I've used memtest 86 in the past. Works well.

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Blue Screen - My Post Of 29Th Jan

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