Fractions Symbols On A Keyboard ?

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mikey4444 | 14:19 Fri 18th Jan 2013 | Computers
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I had to write something today which included a fraction ( two and three-quarters)

Where are these usual fractions on a keyboard please ?

Also, where is the Euro sign ?


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Not on the keyboard - you need to go into 'Insert Symbol'.
Euro is (usually) the right hand Alt Key pressed along with 4 - €€€
Fractions will automatically appear correct if you use Word and the forward slash eg 3/4 becomes ¾
ALT key
1/4 ... 0188
1/2 ...0189
3/4 ....0190
Listen to them ^^ - they're cleverer than me. I'd never remember all those codes. I do insert 'symbol'.
I've saved zac's link into my favourites :-)
Thanks Zacs. Have alt keys on either side of space bar. Does it matter which? From a techno challenged flower.
Apart from Dave's those don't work for me - don't you need a keyboard with a number pad rather than a laptop?
Yes you do for alt codes.
dont think it does Daisy. re lap tops - can't you use the numbers on the row above QWERTYUIOP?
don't think those ones work, you have to use the numeric ones on the side
" can't you use the numbers on the row above QWERTYUIOP?"
On a laptop you can use the Numlock key, and then use the numbers that are on the letter keys, but you can't use the number keys along the top!
Blimey! Think I'll stick to my own simple method. :o/
'Insert Symbol' is not available in all Applications e.g. Wordpad, Notepad, Internet browsers etc.

The use of the Alt + number sequence has its roots firmly in the days before Microsoft Windows was invented / around i.e good old DOS (Disk Operating System) days for those that can remember (the numbers are ASCII codes (American Standard Code for Information Interchange. I know all sounds boring!) ).

Note that also that the number sequence must be typed on the Numeric Keypad.

For those that are using Windows 7, a sort of insert symbol is available by:
- Click Windows Start icon,
- then in the Search window bar type and enter the word Characters,
- then select 'Character Map' where a list of lots of special character symbols will appear with an advanced selection option available.
- Select and copy the symbol required and paste into the desired application.
"the numbers are ASCII codes"
No they are not. If they were then alt 0013 would give you a carriage return.
My laptop doesn't have a Numlock key nor numbers above the letters keys and I think that's pretty standard for a laptop.
For the quarter sign, hold down the ALT key and type 172 on the NUMERIC keyboard , on the right.
For the half sign, hold down ALT and type 171 on NUMERIC keyboard.
For three quarters, hold down ALT and type 243 on NUMERIC keyboard.
For the EURO sign, hold down the ALT GR key and type 4, but this time it's the 4 on the top row, NOT the numeric keyboard.

Incidentally, none of these work on Answerbank, or I'd have used them.
¾ ¼ ½
Just trying things!
The € does!

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