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browndmb | 16:58 Thu 06th Dec 2012 | Computers
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I have an Epsom DX 3800 which prints fine but as to scanning I get a box coming on --Epsom Scan cannot be started. I have reloaded the disc and tried but does not answer the problem. Do I cut my loss and get another scanner and can that run alongside my printer.
Thanks for any assistance


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Give this a try:
connect your scanner to the computer and make sure it's switched on
open 'paint' (usually hidden under accessories)
in paint, click on file > import from scanner or camera

Might work
Read the last few posts here:

I think the solution suggested is to replace the drivers with vista drivers.
It doesn't matter that yours is a different model.
Try this:-

What should I do if I'm getting a Epson Scan Cannot Be Started message?

This message occurs when the incorrect settings are selected in EpsonScan and the MFP Manager setup is not complete. You can resolve this message by doing the following:
1.Launch Epson Scan. (Start > All Programs > Epson Scan > Epson Scan Settings)
2.Be sure EPSON "CX9300F/CX9400F..." is selected in the Select Scanner box.
3.Make sure that Connection: Local is selected.
4.Verify Scanner Status: "Scanner is ready."
5.Click OK.
6.Double-click the MFP Manager icon in the Windows taskbar.
7.Select your all-in-one in the MFP Server List and click Connect.
8.Attempt scanning.

When you are done, select your all-in-one in the MFP Server List and click Disconnect.
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Thank you- thank you to all for help . I am now scanning
so what was the problem?

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Scanning problems

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