Idiot's guide to creating a home network

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Gromit33 | 12:26 Wed 21st Nov 2012 | Computers
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Morning all,
Is anyone willing to explain, in very simple terms, how to create a home network?
My Dad uses a laptop, which connects to the internet via a BT Home Hub.

What I would like to do is allow him to access the files on the PC which is upstairs and also for him to be able to send documents to the printer (he is unable to connect to the printer as the cable plug is too big for his laptop port).

I know I have to do something with the network settings and change the document & printer settings to enable sharing, but would really appreciate a step by step guide as I am quite hard of thinking!

Many thanks, much appreciated.


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Thanks for your response Methyl.
Laptop is Windows 7 (Home Edition I think) and connects to internet wirelessly.
PC is Windows XP and connects with ethernet cable.
Printer is HP Deskjet 950C. Connects into standard printer port as far as I know.
Thanks again.
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Appreciate your assitance with this. I understand the idea of what needs to happen but struggle to do it in practice.
I have gone to the Network setup Wizard on the PC (Windows XP) and have created a Network setup CD which is supposed to be transferred onto the laptop- however when I look at the Network settings on this, it says it can only create a network if the other computers use the same program- ie Windows 7.
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Will give that a go. Many thanks. Have a good w/end.

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Idiot's guide to creating a home network

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