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angiep429 | 10:29 Wed 21st Nov 2012 | Computers
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My computer has started doing a strange thing .... when playing solitaire and i click on the deck for a new card 2 or 3 jump across at once, when i try to empty my spam box i click select all, go to delete them and 1 always comes up on the screen, if i try to delete them singly i have to click the box several times before a tick will appear. Can anyone help please?


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Don't know about your spam box, but the Solitaire solution should be easy, assuming you have the deck set to draw three cards...

Go into the Game menu and select Options. On the top left hand side of the box that should appear, change the setting from draw three to draw one. OK everything else and close the box. Start a new game and it should take effect. If it's set to draw one card then I don't know wha's wrong with it.
Perhaps you need a new mouse
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Thank you both, will check the solitaire it should be set for one card but the computer has been up and down for different reasons so the setting might've changed, as for the mouse, never thought of that.
Your mouse has packed in.
Normal solitaire is played with 3 cards............
Yep, a new mouse or a service of your existing one ...
I have never understood why anyone would play Solitaire on a computer.

Go and buy a pack of cards and stop wasting electricity.

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Something funny going on

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