Answerbank problem .... how strange this is.

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Ann | 18:39 Tue 20th Nov 2012 | Computers
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On some threads particularly where there are adverts down the right hand side, the posts/answers lose the end of their sentences, the words are hidden under the adverts. It doesn't happen on all the posts, but its been like this since just before lunch. I have run a cleaning scan but it hasn't cleared. I'm using IE8 (i think its 8) Any ideas please, as its so annoying?


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> Any ideas please

None which will please the Ed...
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Is it to do with the adverts Mark? Does this happen to others then, its the first time I have encountered it.
I think it happens when someone posts a long link.
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It's particularly noticeable on this thread - can anyone else see the fault?
Its fine for me because I don't have the ads but I think it was the link Jenna posted.
I have the ads....but not the problem....
I don't have IE8....maybe it's your browser.
Certainly, pretty much any browser is better than IE...
I've only got this on one recent thread, and I'm on IE9.........
I've noticed that this problem can occur in three situations:
- when posters have extremely long user names,
- when links addresses are too long (and for some reason the usual shortening of the link address hasn't occurred)
- when non-youtube links are entered in the youtube link box
I noticed a particular thread yesterday where most of the posts had missing line ends. Perhaps they didn't press "carriage return" (see other thread)
I haven't got this problem and am using Firefox, could it be something to do with IE8?
That's the end of that theory then
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Answerbank problem .... how strange this is.

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