Laptop compatible battery?

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GSD4ME | 21:51 Sat 21st Jul 2012 | Computers
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Dear all

I ordered a new battery for my FUJITSU AMILO LI3710 laptop.
The battery that WAS in there had a model number SQU-809-F01

I have been sent a battery that LOOKS the same, has the correct voltage and mAh readings but the part numbers listed on it do not include the one I thought that I had ordered.
This new battery has type: SQU-701/DHR504/PB2Q-4-24/SQU-712/SQU-714/PE1-
and says that it is for the R43E/R43/R43C/R65/Q41 Series.

Obviously these part numbers are different manufacturers' equivalents but I don't want to plug it in and find out that it is the wrong part, mainly due to the fact that it is in an anti-static bag and I don't know if they would take it back if I opened the bag to try.

I have done several searches for the battery types, looking for equivalents and compatibility but I can't find anything definitive - I could also say that I haven't found anything that says that the new battery *isn't* compatible with my machine.

Can anyone shed some light as to whether the battery is OK to use?


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If possible..e/mail the firm concerned and ask for confirmation that the battery will definitely fit your laptop.

Personally, I would be trying the battery in the belief that different code numbers are often used for 'identical' products. If it didn't fit I would return it for a refund and if the firm refused to refund the cost, I would then involve my local authority's Consumer Protection Department.

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Contacted the laptop manufacturer who said that the battery *should* work.
Tried it - yes it does work.
HOWEVER - the laptop says "battery not present" but that, apparently, is a know feature of Ubuntu 12.04 with some laptop types - a bug that has been reported and will sometime be fixed.
The laptop worked without the power lead in, so the battery was fine.
(Also worked with Windows as a battery without mains attached)

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Laptop compatible battery?

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