o2 Webmail problem - help please!

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alzheimer | 14:07 Sat 30th Jun 2012 | Computers
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I am having a problem with o2 webmail.

I can access it OK and even receive emails normally.... BUT then the fun begins when I try to "compose" or write an email!

I can put in the recipient - and subject....But the message area is a totally unusable arrangement of blocks and lines. If you try typing over or in among all of it or below it - it starts moving about...eek! The funny thing is that although what you type is invisible to you - if you are daft enough to "send" - it goes and it arrives as normal.....LOL

I have phoned o2 and they have passed me around like it was a game of pass the parcel and I get nowhere. This has been ongoing for months now and luckily I only use o2 as a back-up for when I am away from home etc or if my usual emailer goes down as it is a stand-alone one..

Has anybody else experienced this and where do I go for help please?

I may add that this has only developed on one of my computers - the other one is absolutely normal.....and both work off the same system - so I am at a total loss to understand what is wrong........any suggs anybody?

Many thanks in anticipation....

Yours aye ...Fedup Alzheimer!!


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did you attach your add into your mail id
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I am sorry - I do not understand your question! You have to remember that (a) I am an OAP who does not understand a lot of the cryptic vocabulary used these days and (b) my o2 emailer worked absolutely normally for years and some months ago I found it unusable.....:<<((

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o2 Webmail problem - help please!

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