BT homehub and another as a WIFI 'repeater '

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harley_Husky | 15:22 Fri 29th Jun 2012 | Computers
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Ok guys, here goes.

I have the black BT homehub upstairs and i'd like to boost the signal downstairs by ideally using my white original BT homehub as a wireless repeater. I'm certain it'ss possible as there is a lot about this on google forum with loads of techie speak ....

1 - is it possible
2 - please tell me in English how to do it ...

Thank you everyone in advance :0)


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I don't have the technical expertise to help, but just to say I am surprised the black hub is so weak that it would benefit from a repeater downstairs. Does the signal not make it through the floor ?
I am Not a Techie. However, I ask a similar question to that of O_G. Is the signal weak upstairs and is even less downstairs.

Personally, I can't see what you are going to achieve; or even the reason for your wish to boost it downstairs, if you are satisfied with what you are receiving upstairs.

What Broadband speeds are you getting on both Computers. You can check them here:-

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Hey guys - apologies for the delay.
Well this is really more to do with my Android on Wifi and occasional laptop use downstairs where the wifi signal is at best - poor. The more obvious things can be avoided, like when the microwave is turned on etc, but i'd like to put my other HH downstairs to boost the signal. I recently changed the WIFI channel which made no difference, infact i manually went throu all of the channels. Rather annoyingly my andoid picks up BTFON from my neighbour --- AHH these things are all over the place. So back to the original - any ideas .... ??

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BT homehub and another as a WIFI 'repeater '

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