Broadband speed tests

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shiznit | 16:52 Wed 30th May 2012 | Computers
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Which one do you use?, and how accurate do you think it is. I use and get a good download result, but just tried another one and the result was considerably slower



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Some on here will say none of them and maxing out your connection with concurrent downloads and working it out from that is the only way.

I've tried with various speed leased lines upto 1Gb/s in speed and have found it to be pretty much correct (using servers in London) upto about 40Mb/s, anything above that and their end can't keep up.

So although maxing out the connection with downloads will give you the best answer to your speed, can generally be relied on to be good enough for most people. it's always worth running the test several times at differing times of day to get a good picture of your overall speed though.
they all seem to vaty all the time shiznit, i just used and got:

download 32.06 - upload 21.69

and on I got:
download 45.98 and upload 3.72

used them both the other night and was getting varying speeds arou nd 6-12 for both download and upload.
With those sorts of speeds you will be pushing it for most speed test sites to work properly, as I said they all have a max speed which they can reliably handle (which will change depending on how busy the site is at any time)

and you get 30+Mb/s upload at home?!?! wish I could get that!
the Virgin engineer recommended

but the clock didn't go up to 50 meg, although it gave a good result round 50.

This one's OK

i suspect they're all rubbish, but fun...
20+Mb/s even.
hi chuck we are on BT infinity 2 or plus or whatever they call it.
You'll struggle to find any speed test site that can keep up with your speeds then.

Though, to be honest, for 99% of home users it really isn't going to make a huge difference once you get above about 15Mb/s and if you are the sort of users that's actually going to notice the difference then you'd also be the sort of user who would know how fast their able to download things.
Chuck, as always, you're dead right.

I'm paying for 50 mb, but I don';t download massive files, and can't see much benefit.. The free Super Hub modem they installed will go up to 400mb, and it's obvious they want to move TV online.
we only got it as we needed to move onto an unlimited package and that was what was on offer at pretty much the same as I was already paying. we were on a 40 limit and we used 84 in one month which cost me £45 in fees!!!
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Wow, you guys are getting some amazing speeds. We are getting on average 16Mb upload, we are on Sky unlimited. It is fast enough for what we do, I have been looking into it as Virgin keep offering us the 100Mb fibre optic

Thanks for all your answers, never let me down Abr's

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Broadband speed tests

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