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Hopkirk | 20:51 Tue 17th Apr 2012 | Computers
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I have a Tiscali e mail address, which is now part of TalkTalk. I still use them as my ISP.

If I leave TalkTalk and use BT as my ISP, will my e mail address stop working?


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When I joined BT they gave me an email address so I started using that and gave up the previous address with ANother. You can of course have other emails with other providers if you want to.

Now you have to change you'd be better off setting up and using an email address not connected to your ISP so if you change ISP again in the future you don't have to change email again.
if the stem is then yes!

why not get a google mail or hotmail address in future?

cath x
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the stem is

Presumably your yes means it will stop working.
Just use a yahoo email address for setting up, then use any email address you want for your actual emails.
Yes, the yes is yes it will stop working :)
I find the BT emails to be good, and they are very willing to come on and sort out any problems with their remote access where you watch as they look into your settings.
I'm same as you Hopkirk and have been looking at switching to BT who say I can keep the .tiscali address. However I understand that it's Tiscali/Talktalk that won't let us keep it.
During setting up the new ISP, you'll have to accept one of the new ISP's email addresses, but as at that time you only have the new ISP addresses available, then your old email address is unreachable, until you finish setting up the new ISSP email address. Hence you'll find your Tiscali email address will stop working through your new ISP.
BT (and any other ISP) will let you receive mails from any email provider, talk talk/tiscali won't supply you with an email address through them if you're not paying them anything.

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