Phone call purporting to be from Microsoft

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Bambiagain | 11:18 Tue 27th Mar 2012 | Computers
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I have just had a very strange phone call from someone sounding probably Indian saying he was calling from Microsoft technical support. The quality of the line and the strong accent made him a little difficult to understand, but he said he was calling about warning messages I have been getting on my computer and was very insistent on my turning on the computer to check things out. I have actually been getting some warning messages recently which have been happening since I installed Skype (coincidence? Possibly not). However, given my innate suspicion of calls of that nature, I told him I was unable to turn the computer on and couldn't tell him exactly when I could. At which point he hung up on me.

The question is, could it have been genuine? Does anyone have any idea, please?


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Scam? I'll put the phone down if I get any of them type of calls.
No, it wasn't genuine. Very well known scam.
"The question is, could it have been genuine?"
No its a well known scam. just tell them where to go.
There is no way it could have been genuine.
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Thank you all for confirming that my instincts were correct.
Microsoft would not call you unsolicited. Nor would they know if any errors existed on your computer. So those are frauds or scams, to get your money or worse to steal your identity.
I work in IT so I string them along until I get bored or they hang up.
Surely microsoft could tell you online if they are that concerned about one individual's computer! It's a scam.
Always worth wasting a bit of their time - I managed about 15 minutes last call I had ...
I once got a call like this saying I could have free life insurance but just needed to confirm my details. He said he was from the Pru which is who we are with. He kept insisting that he couldnt issue it without my birthday or maiden name. I told him he must have these on my records in front of him. But I needed to confirm them. When I said I dont give that info over the phone., I was told that I wouldnt be able to get the insurance then. Good, I said and slammed down the phone. Any vulnerable person could have given in eventually. frightening, as Im continually telling my OH not to give info to any phone callers or doorstep callers, but once or twice have caught him nearly falling into the trap. He is very nieve about these things as I have always dealt with bills etc

No, definitely a scam. I always hold the phone by the fire alarm and press the 'test' button! Not had a repeat call for ages, no idea why not!
No reputable company would cold call you. NEVER give any information to anyone who calls you and by any I mean even your name.
Excellent idea SlackAlice. They probably don't have the quality headsets with limiters included.
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It was unusual enough for me to query as I live in Germany and it is the first time I have ever received a call in English from someone unknown to me. My usual response to sales calls is to explain that my German is so bad I can't understand what the caller is saying. But you have all given me the confirmation that I needed. Thanks.
Hi Bambi...Often similar postings to yours have appeared in AB. The answers have always been the same..." It's a scam".

Some of the reactions from ABers to such telephone calls have been amusing and along the lines of....."Thanks, I'll tell my husband he works for Microsoft". " Wait a moment please, I have a few things on the stove." "What computer".

Listen to all they have to say and then tell them you use a Mac.

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Phone call purporting to be from Microsoft

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