computer freezing etc

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BayBoy1 | 20:23 Fri 24th Feb 2012 | Computers
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My lap top keeps freezing, a box comes up saying this programme is not responding, it says restore last session or go to home page, but it just freezes, I have to reboot or unplug, then the same thing happens over and over again. Has anybody else had this problem, ant help would be grateful...


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Have you checked to see how full your hard drive is?
That can often slow things down.
It sounds like a corrupt registry file.

Boot into Safe Mode (by pressing F8 during the startup process).

(Your screen will probably look rather odd, as the video driver won't have loaded. Don't let that bother you!)

Run System Restore (from Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools) and select the option to restore the computer's registry to an earlier date. Choose the most recent date available which is prior to when the problem first occurred. (Don't panic when your computer shuts down and restarts; it's meant to do that!).

That will probably fix the problem.


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computer freezing etc

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