Any PC builders out there

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Daisho | 13:26 Tue 31st Jan 2012 | Computers
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More a curiosity than anything else, but as a builder of PC's I tend to give the machines I build a name and wondered if anybody else did the same. Here's some examples of mine...

Oblivion - Built with that elder scrolls game in mind.
Resonance - Loads of fans in this one makes it noisy (old build).
Prodigal son - Nothing but problems with this one.
Morgoth - Antec darkfleet case looks evil being all black with red light.
Aperture science - Using the NXZT - Phantom looks like something out of portal.

Anybody else do the same?


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You're just weird :)
No..except the network identiity.
Question Author
Well, I guess I stand alone in my quirkiness.
My first effort at a rebuild was called Hugh Effintwat ...

as in "what part of 'boot into DOS' do you not understand Hugh ..."
That made me laugh
MY computers get called exciting things like SCVMM04 and DMZ-CAS03, I've tried calling them things like Mavis and Gertrude but a name that reflects their role tends to make admin easier.
My first I called Son-in-Law! Not what I really expected but the best Iwere going to get! B.
Were? =Was
I never named mine, you are seriously weird! :)
I have built or bought 4 or 5 PCs and laptops in the last 3 or 4 years that are all used round the house and to help identify them I use a network name that is a combination of the version of Windows plus the date I first bought it.

So I use "Vi" for Vista and "W7" for Windows 7

So one of my Vista PCs is called ViFeb08 (bought February 2008)

One of my Windows 7 PCs is W7May11 (bought May 2011)

Boring, but it helps me identify them.
They need a name for networking. Mine is called "Steve".

Got it just after Steve Irwin died.

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Any PC builders out there

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