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alanogden | 13:24 Mon 02nd Jan 2012 | Computers
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I am still looking to replace my wonderful Psion5 which can't go on much longer. It has a simple easy-to-use database which will hold my collection details which I need at Fairs. I bought a smartphone Nokia 900 but can't find a database for it and the screen is very small so I am looking at the new Sony folding tablet which runs Windows I believe. Has anyone any experience of this computer?


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Think you may be mistaken about it running windows, it run a customised version of android.

there are databases available for android, http://www.appbrain.c....luckydroid.droidbase is one for example.
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Thanks for that tip - looks good.
I had a look at the Sony folding tablet and found it extremely irritating - because of the fold! I was forever scrolling pages up and down to see what was hidden.

I appreciate that it's (obviously!) half the size of a "normal" tablet when folded, so if that is more important to you than user-friendliness, I'm sure it will serve you well.

You should be able to export the data off the Psion as text files and import them into Memento.
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Thanks for the advice - I went and bought the Sony tablet P today. There isn't a manual in the box!

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Pocket computer database

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