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old-wos-is-name | 14:27 Thu 08th Dec 2011 | Computers
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My laptop has vista by default, then windows 7 was loaded as the second o.s.
The windows 7 is out of memory almost, but the vista has about 14 gb spare memory. can I open this memory up for windows 7, or if not, how do I get back into vista, because at startup it goes straight into 7, no option to get vista.


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I think you are confusing memory and hard drive space....

You'd have to delete the partition that vista is on (which would delete all data on that partition) and then expand the partition that 7 is on.


(Caution.... note my point about removing the vista partition will delete all data on it, you should also make a back up of all your personal files on both partitions before attempting to change anything like this)

(Or take to to somebody who know what they are doing)
You only run one OS at a time so whatever is loaded it should already have access to all the memory you have. Win 7 is going to need more than Vista due to what is known as MS bloatware, where each version needs more & more & more & more memory than the last.

You need to add to the memory you already have.

As for booting into Vista, does it not give you the option of which OS at the start ? You say no, in which case I'll leave it to the experts here to say how you get that menu up.
As Chuck says, you're confusing the laptop's memory with its hard disk. Given that, I would strongly suggest that you DON'T try to sort this out yourself. Instead, take it to an IT professional who can sort everything out for you.

As a recommendation, forget about Vista completely - Windows 7 is miles better in every way. So tell the IT pro that you want to do the following:

1) back up your user files (e.g. documents, photos, music etc) from the Vista partition;

2) delete the Vista partition

3) extend the Windows 7 partition so that it uses the whole of the hard disk - the IT pro will have utilities to do this;

4) restore the user documents from the recently removed Vista partition onto the Windows 7 partition.

Typically, this would take someone like Chuck or me less than half an hour. I'd probably charge you £50.
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Hi all
thanks for the replies, I will use a memory stick and save all the files then format the drive and reload 7. I think i can probably dothat myself,
That'll certainly work. Make sure you have the media / serial numbers / activation codes of everything you need to reinstall, not just the operating system.

And, when you get to the bit where Windows 7 asks you where it should install itself, make sure you delete all existing partitions, not just the Vista one, and then let Windows 7 create a single partition covering the entire hard disk.
Ah ok, I ought to have taken notice of the sizes quoted. Even MS can't use an extra 14G between versions: or can they ..........
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thanks again, I will dig out the dell disk for the computer, plus all the other bits before I venture into the unknown

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