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HowardKennitby | 20:59 Fri 02nd Dec 2011 | Computers
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I have just updated to the new(2012) version of above. Included in the box there is a disc of utilities with not much info. On the box there are various statements like - Fixes PC problems automatically; Speeds up PC boot time; Optimises PC performance; Frees up disc space.

I have done nothing with this disc so far. Are these utilities worth installing and running? I do not think I have any problems with my PC at the moment.

I am running XP Home + SP3.

Thanks for any opinions



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Don't have it, so can only guess from the descriptions. But I'd say they are probably minimal benefit and my view would be if you don't feel a need for optimisation, may as well leave it alone until you do.
Most of these utility disks promise a lot but dont deliver much.

The may speed up your PC a fraction but not so you would notice.

If you are not noticing any problems then, as has been said, leave well alone.
Basically ... No.
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