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shiznit | 22:59 Tue 22nd Nov 2011 | Computers
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I have acquired an old PC Tower with XP installed. It hasn't been used for over a year. I don't use PC's, I only have Mac's. It has took me on and off all friggin day to set up the wireless on it (USB Adaptor). Now when trying to visit some sites it is telling me that it could either not establish a secure connection (Safari), this connection is untrusted (firefox) and finally there is a problem with this websites security certificate (IE), this is all new to me, what is going on?

Thanks Shiz


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The computers time and date is wrong.
Welcome to Microsoft's Windows Operating System!
Question Author
Ha ha, thanks chuck, wow that was simple enough. I'm not a fan of windows hetahfield, i do find it very over complicated, but thats probably down to being a mac user for 20+ years

Thanks for the help
People get used to what they are familiar with.
Windows is just a bit different, that is all.
So why not scrub it and install Ubuntu...?
Question Author
Its for my kids, homework and stuff, I don't want anything to do with it to be honest. Now its setup, I won't have to touch it again, wishful thinking maybe.

I wouldn't just say different, over complicated springs to mind
> Now its setup

What about its setup?
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Oh, right...
Shouldn't that be:

"Now it has been set up." (past perfect tense)
Maybe he meant "Now it's set up" instead of "Now its setup" - difficult to imagine, though...
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maybe he just missed out the word 'that'

Now 'that' its setup, I won't have to touch it again
Nope, that still wouldn't make any sense. "Now that its setup" does not mean the same as "Now that it's set up"...
Question Author
Sorry guys, it was late at night, I just meant the computer is up and running correctly, sorry for the confusion. Methyl, chuck answered the question, it was the time and date issue

Cheers everyone

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