HP deskjet 3050 - cartridge problem

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boxtops | 18:07 Fri 07th Oct 2011 | Computers
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Hi guys, can anyone advise, please?

my printer flashed up a message saying "your tri-colour cartridge is counterfeit or used" - which it does when the cartridge needs changing.

I took out the old cartridge and put in a new genuine HP cartridge, but I can't get rid of the message. Usually when I put in a new cartridge and press OK, the printer then proceeds with the instructions for scanning and copying a test page before it resets.

Any thoughts, please? There doesn't appear to be anything in the huge on-line manual to cover this contingency.


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I have had HUGE problems with HP printers, it appears there are well-known faults with the ink cartridge/print heads which can get clogged and no amount of cleaning with the print head option will cure. I even spent £20 on a set of HP 363 cleaner cartridges this week to try and dissolve the clogged ink in the heads. I doubt I will be buying another HP one again as there are loads of people complaining on forums - just google the problem and see - boxtops.........
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Thanks ann86 - we haven't had any problems at all so far, and thankfully mine is now sorted (I wish there were a way of taking threads down!).

OH came down and disconnected the power lead to the printer - as soon as we plugged it back in again, the expected messages came up and it's working fine now. Must have been a gremlin....

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HP deskjet 3050 - cartridge problem

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