Virgin Media wireless router problem

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soapnumpty | 13:15 Fri 26th Aug 2011 | Computers
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I have recently bought a Virgin Media super hub for wireless broadband after being on a fixed line broadband with them for years using an Ethernet cable. My computer is a Dell desktop about five years old so I had to buy a Wireless 'N' USB adapter as the computer didn't have a built in one. Instead of buying one from Virgin for £30 I bought one for a few pounds from E-Bay. The problem is that the desktop keeps losing connection. Nearly every time I use it, it loses connection at some point.

Is this usual or do you think it is the cheap USB adapter i have bought? I dont want to spend £30 on the Virgin USB adapter only to have the same problem.


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See where it says "Supports Gigabit Ethernet (1000Mbps) networking on four ports"? That's where you plug your desktop's Ethernet cable in. I'd suggest you remove the cheap wireless card from your machine and throw it away...
^ agree

Why would you want to have a desktop computer wireless, you're not likely to want to pick it up and walk about the house using it. Wireless is significantly worse than wired in every single way other than portability.
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I also have an Ipad so use the wireless broadband for that. It wasn't relevant to the problem so I didn't mention it.
No it wasn't relevant. it's also not relevant to it being a far better idea to have your desktop computer connected by a cable, not by wireless. carry on using the ipad wireless as you've not got a choice with that and because the portability aspect is needed for such a device, but it's not a requirement on a desktop.

If you are having problems with the ipad losing it's connection then try changing the channel the wireless is running on in the routers admin pages (this may also solve the disconnection problems on the desktop if you insist on keeping it wireless)
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Ok thanks I'll try that. I had connected the wireless router to the desktop by Ethernet cable thinking that would stop it losing connection, but it hasn't helped.

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Virgin Media wireless router problem

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