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keyplus90 | 13:39 Mon 15th Aug 2011 | Computers
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I posted a question last week and as a result I bought a new PC. I just wanted to find out few things about the new PC I received today. First of all her is the link for the PC I bought.

It says there that it has,

Intel Core i3 540 (2 x 3.06GHz) processor,

How do I check that now? If I look at under "system" should it say 3.06GHZ ot twice of that like 6.12GHZ? If it is X2. Please forgive me if I sound bit silly. Thanks.


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Either right click on the word computer on the start menu and select properties, or Download and run this...


And it should say 3.06GHz and will either look like you have two CPUs at that speed, or it will say dual core
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aah, the guy I was looking for, Thanks Chuck. I looked there and opposite processor it says,

Intel (R) Core (TM) i3 CPU [email protected] 3.06

And thats all, it does not say dual core etc.
Hit Ctrl Alt Delete simultaneously
Select Task Manager
Go to the performance tab
Under CPU Usage History there will be a or more graphs. There will be one graph for each core, so two graphs = two cores, etc.
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Thanks Rojash, Under CPU usage History I have 4 Graphs. What does that mean?
This is where it gets a little confusing :)

4 graphs could mean you have 4 cores in your processor, or it could mean (as is the case here) that you have 2 cores in the processor both of which can run two threads at a time. which matches the specs for that CPU...

"Processor Number i3-540
# of Cores 2
# of Threads 4
Clock Speed 3.06 GHz"
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Thanks Chuck. You know what my worry was, don't you. I was thinking that it may not have the processor it claims to have. So now I can leave feedback for the guy. Mind you he still forgot to include DVD in the post but did email that he would post it later. Otherwise it seems nice and fast PC. Thanks.
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Apart from its fan I should say which is a bit noisy but fortunately I have hearing problem from that side. So I should be fine.
What operating system are you using? You are correct that you need to look under "System" and maybe "Advanced System" to find the description of your machine's processor.

Under Windows 7, this is the System Summary I get on my machine.

Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU [email protected], 3068 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s)

Yours should look similar.

The i3 refers to the processor series (released Q1 2010) with 2 cores at 3.06GHz.
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Oh sorry Derek - I saw this bit too late. Thanks for the information. My only worry was that I had not been sold a computer with different processor than the one advertised. Thanks.

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Follow up to my earlier question,

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