Cheapskate computer manufacturers

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venator | 12:19 Sat 23rd Jul 2011 | Computers
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The case fan on my 2 year old desktop started getting very noisy, so I've just replaced it. Much fun was had with the rubber anti-vibration bolts!

The thing is, it's almost silent now. There's a massive fan on my graphics card, and one on the AMD 4 core chip, but the case is well soundproofed.

The new fan (Silent Eagle 2000) cost me about £7 on Amazon - the old one probably cost 25p from China.

The computer was built to specification, cost about £800 box only, but there was no choice of case fan. The manufacturer probably made a fiver by not giving a choice, but the difference is major.

I think I'll build my own next time.


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Ok Rojash, I had to get it off my chest. Thanks for listening...
If you know what you are doing and have the time then building your own system is always cheaper for desktops. Plus you are guaranteed to get the spec and items you want, rather than what the company thinks is a good substitute.

Plus you only have yourself to blame if you cut corners and the end result is out of date/noisy/useless within days!!

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Cheapskate computer manufacturers

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