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brenda43 | 20:21 Mon 11th Jul 2011 | Computers
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I wnt a net book that is fast? What about I Pad?


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What about I Pad??? I pad is not a net book it's a tablet computer. I pod are fast enough for connecting to your home wifi and using the I pads internet browsers,app store,I tunes etc. What are you wanting the computer for exactly?
You've contradicted yourself twice in 11words!

1) netbooks are not fast, you would need a ultra portable laptop to get anything near netbook size and be fast. (and they can be expensive)

2) (as above) iPads are not netbooks, they are very very different devices.
iPads are good for viewing/browsing/emailing/social networking/reading. But they are not like desktop/laptop computers. They are purposely limited in what they can do.

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