Losing internect connection

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bignanny | 00:43 Fri 17th Jun 2011 | Computers
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I have recently upgraded my broadband speed through Virgin and since then, if the computer is left unused for more than 10 mins I have to restart because there is no connection. I phoned them and explained, but they said it was my computer and nothing to do with them.

I would be grateful for any help on this as it is so annoying to have to restart when I have only gone to make a cup of coffee!!

Thanks in advance.


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Do you mean you have to restart the computer, or the modem/router?

Is it Virgin ADSL (on phone line) or Virgin Cable?
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The computer, everytime. I tried the modem but that didn't make any difference either. :(
OK. Reason I asked is that the only time I've come across this problem was when I had Zone Alarm - answer here -


If you don't have ZA, then sorry, no idea.
Disable power saving on the appropriate network adaptor.
bignanny there should be an icon down at the bottom right of your screen, usually looks like two computer screens flashing. If you right click on that icon it should let you reconnect to the modem without having to restart the whole computer.

Chuck, how do you find those settings as the same thing happens all the time on our laptop.
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styley, thanks, that works but doesn't solve the problem:( much easier than restarting though.

methyl, it was a normal virgin upgrade to VIP package and have been with virgin for 3 years now. Your idea of ringing and not giving up sounds good though, will try again.

Thanks everyone.

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Losing internect connection

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