Schietti's engine

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Matheous | 15:28 Sun 24th Sep 2006 | Science
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Anyone know if this actually works??


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Well, judging from the (rather confusing) diagram and description I found, I would say definitely not! 271.php

It claims to work by inflating a riser at the bottom of a tube of water and extracting energy as it rises to the surface.

The flaw is in the fact that you need to pressurise the air to get this to work.

Try it for yourself - upturn a glass in a basin of water and run a straw with one end in the glass the other in the air.

Does air run in and displace the water? Making the glass rise?

No - you need to blow into the straw, pressurising the air - this takes energy - more than you get from the rising of the glass.

I'm afraid it's just another perpetual motion machine - probably with the intention of extracting money from the gullible
Particularly liked this bit: "The sliding bulkhead is completely lifted and there is neither water nor air in the purple red intermediate space."; it seems to rely on a spontaneously formed vaccum!

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Schietti's engine

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