How much will tickets for the FIFA 2010 World Cup cost?

16:37 Mon 24th May 2010 |

How much will tickets for the FIFA 2010 World Cup cost?

Although distinctly cheaper than the previous World Cup tournaments in Germany and Japan & South Korea, those who want to travel, book hotels and watch a number of games could see the cost of their trip to South Africa sharply rise.

Of course, this all depends on how many games you want to watch, where you stay and how you travel. For more travel and hotel guides for South Africa, click here.

Tickets for the FIFA 2010 World Cup have been on sale for quite some time, but until the group stage draw no one knew where their respective national teams would be playing. World Cup tickets are sold in phases, with the third phase commencing from the 5 December 2009 until the 22 January 2010. There will be a fourth phase from 9 February 2010 to 7 April 2010 and a ‘Last Minute’ phase from 15 April 2010 to 11 July 2010.

Tickets can be purchased for individual games or as a bundle known as a TST Series (Team Specific Tickets). Individual prices, depending on where you sit and at what stage of the tournament, can range from £50 to £560 in relation to the category (1-3), with category one designated as the best seats in the stadium.

If you watch one group game, a quarter-final and the World Cup Final sitting in category two seats the overall cost would be £570.

A TST Bundle runs from TST-3 to TST-7, with the digit on the end representing the number of your country’s games you can see in the bundle. TST-3 allows the ticket holder to watch 3 group games and TST-7 means you can watch all of your teams group games, one round of 16 game, a quarter-final, semi-final and the World Cup Final.

The cost of a TST-7 Series in category two seats would set you back about £1,160.

Accommodation prices and travel need to be factored in too, with these adding a potential £1,500 extra onto the bill.

So, if you wanted to go to the FIFA 2010 World Cup with no expense spared, accommodation, ticket costs and travel will set you back roughly £4,228.

These estimations are based on December 2009 exchange rates.


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