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joggerjayne | 13:43 Tue 16th Dec 2008 | Rugby
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This would be my favourite all time England 15.

Who would be in yours.

Also, Ireland, Scotland, Wales?

Please avoid players who played so long ago that you never watched them ... I'm thinking of Dickie Jeeps, here. So ...

1. Andrew Sheridan
2. Brian Moore
3. Jason Leonard
4. Martin Johnson
5. Bill Beaumont
6. Richard Hill
7. Peter Winterbottom
8. Lawrence Dallaglio
9. Matt Dawson
10. Jonny Wilkinson
11. Rory Underwood
12. Will Greenwood
13. Will Carling
14. Josh Lewsey
15. Dusty Hare

And yours ???


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Question Author
Come on, someone?


Beejay? (that's not an offer, by the way).

jogger...I wouldn't argue with many of your choices, but you have left out an obvious one....Jason Robinson....the most exciting rugby player that I have ever seen both in League and Union.

Dickie Jeeps???? he was my son LOL LOL just joking.
Question Author
I was never a big fan of Jason R, but I will admit he was a committed defensive tackler, which is something you need in a Full Back.

Who would play in that position ????? (not me, obviously, but hey ... every ball is a hospital ball when you're the Full Back)
Jogger...Jason had everything, speed, strength, defensive powers, safe under the high ball and sheer determination and professionalism. A Rugby League player from a poor background, socially, was a revelation and in my opinion was most instrumental in the winning World Cup in Australia.
We are unlikely to see the likes of him for a very long time...certainly not in the near future.
Question Author
I don't think any Back player can be fundamental in winning at that level.

It's too much about possession and control.

Take the famour Rob Andrew drop goal at the end of the game against Australia. He lived on the glory for the rest of his career.

But hang on ...

The forwards won the ball in a line out, under intense pressure, caught it cleanly, popped it straight into RA's hands, and shielded him (without obstructing) from the Australians for what seemed like an eternity.

I mean, I could have drop kicked from there (okay, I've never actually tried, but it can't be that hard).

Points are scored by the Backs, but games are won by the Forwards.
1. Andrew Sheridan
2. Brian Moore
3. Jason Leonard
4. Martin Johnson
5. Martin Bayfield
6. Richard Hill
7. Neil Back
8. Lawrence Dallaglio
9. Matt Dawson
10. Jonny Wilkinson
11. Ben Cohen
12. Jemery Guscott
13. Will Carling
14. Rory Underwood
15. Jason Robinson
Point taken.
For Scotland:-
Scott Murray
Gordon Brown - not the current one !!
Gavin hastings
Gary armstrong
Alan Tait
Andy irvine
John Jeffery
Tom smith
John rutherford
David sole
Finlay Calder
Jason White
Chris Paterson
Iain Milne
Colin Deans
Question Author
Wasn't Martin Bayfield the really, really big guy ... came on the scene around the same time as Martin Johnson?

Jeremy Guscott? Was he all that good?
Question Author
I don't know all of those Scottish players, but I'd agree with ...

John Jeffrey
Finlay Calder

(didn't they play together, opposite flanks?)

David Sole

(althouth he was usually on the wrong end of his encounters with Jeff Probyn, I seem to recall)

Gavin Hastings

(irritating last minute long kick against England, to win the game)

Question Author
I'm going to do an Ireland team for beejay ...

2. Keith somebody (bald bloke)

4/5. Really big bloke, still playing at the moment.

12/13. The guy who got speared by the cheating All Blacks.

15. Really famous Full Back, can't remember his name ... may have had ginger hair (or was that the Fly Half?)

Ooh, just remembered the Centre ... Brian O'Driscoll.

A lock called Dockler, or Docklan, or Decklan, os somethin. No wait, Donnerky? O'Donnerky?

That's about it. There we are ... an Ireland 15.

oh-here it is JJ -couldnt find this place -i have one made out-brb
Question Author
brb ...

Is that the sound of beejay with his face in my cleavage?

Or is it just "Be Right Back" ?
full back-scrum half....
t kiernan ,t ringland ,m gibson ,b o'driscoll ,t howe , o campbell
prop-wing forward....
s millar ,k wood .r mc loughlin
wj mc bride , d lenihan
f slattery , w duggan ,d wallace

(some of the older ones i can't remember playing)
Question Author
Ollie Campbell ... that's him !!

Oooh, yeah ... Willie John McBride.

Beejay, I've been to Lansdowne Road to see Ireland v England.

When I went there, to be honest, I was just hoping for a few nice rest...

Hang on, back in a mo ...
JJ -a witty ( yes that was a W) woman who knows about rugby-that cant be bad
i think the name of the lock,you were trying to get your mouth around is maybe donncha o'callaghan(cant pronounce his first name either )
see brighton scored 5 tonight
Question Author
Sorry ... got interrupted.

So, Dublin.

I was just hoping for some nice restaurants, and a weekend of nookie. But the bf was so ratarsed all weekend, that neither of those happened.

But here's what I thought of Lansdowns Road.

1. The atmosphere blew me away. I hate to say it, but it was much better than Twickenham. More passionate, I think.

2. England were far, far the better side ... and lost. I think they lost because every man in the Ireland team walked on to the pitch thinking ... We know you're the better team, but we don't care ... we're going to beat you.

It's hard to play against a team like that. The question is, how do you teach that mentality to our sports players?

The mentality where you go out and say ... Nine times out of ten, you will beat me ... but not today !!!
Question Author
beejay ... it was penalties, though.

And the Johnstone's Paint Trophy ... what kind of Mickey Mouse competition is that?
hi JJ-an effort to reply - it is a mix of-
love of their country..pride in wearing the jersey-not in it for the money-no prima donnas-comradeship-down to earth attitude
another example is the N Ireland football team-made up of players from the english and scots leagues incl.the lower leagues
youmight be going to wem ber lee if the seagulls get thro-i assume the final is held there

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