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lesblue | 16:32 Tue 14th Dec 2010 | Sport
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It's AP McCoy for me, more for what he has achieved his career than what he has done this year. Years of dedication, I think he would be a deserving winner. Your thoughts??


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AP McCoy for me, but i reckon horse racing is to much a minority sport compared to olympians like Tom Daley.Stokemaverick will vote AP i'll bet.
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^^^^I know what you mean, but the fact he won the Grand National could persuade non-racing fans to vote for him in what has been a largely disappointing year for British sport.
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Hi steve........I think "team of the year" could go to the Ryder Cup Squad. Wouldn't argue with that though.
Daley Thompson.
How can a jockey ever be sports personality of the year?

Never in the history of equestrianism(?) has the horse ever won,Horse people are all the same when they win its the rider when they lose its the horse.

Ennis or Westwood for me
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I think it will be between Mark Cavendish, Lee Westwood or AP McCoy this Year.
The great British Public will probably decide otherwise !
It takes two to be a top jokey, the most important one is the horse.
For me, it has to be McCoy or Phil Taylor.

Both have been at the top of their sport for over ten years now. Taylor probably wont get it though as he is only really seen on Skysports, where as McCoys pinnacle of his career was witnessed by millions on the BBC for the grand national
I might stir a few peoples ire here but I do not think Mccoy is the best jockey around. I think Walsh and Johnson are as good. The reason he has so many winners is that for the past 10 years he has had the top stables behind him and often rode 6 horses a day. If you look at percentages he would I feel not be at the top of the tree. I also steer clear of him in the big races as most of his totals come from the lesser tracks. I dont subscribe to the fact that he is so brave and dedicated , maybe he is but he chose to be a jockey and all its dangers. people can be a fireman all there life and be in as much danger. He is paid handsomely for his work as well
Haven't decided yet but would be Jessica Ennis, Tony McCoy or Phil Taylor for me but I don't think Phil Taylor stands a hope in hell as a lot of people don't see darts as a sport. As an ex-County player I do and like him or not he is an amazing player.
Tom Daley.....
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AP, for me. It's about time a jockey won, and he deserves it. as for not being the best jockey" because he rides for the best stables and often rides 6 races a day". He rides for the best stables because he's good (Ruby also rides for the top trainers). and he often rides 6 races a day because he's dedicated.

I also think Walsh and Johnson are good jockeys (though prefer fences to flat), but they've not been nominated, so VOTE AP
I think it will be an outsider: Amy Williams.
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