What's the lowest score not possible to check out on in darts?

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squarebear | 22:12 Sat 09th Jan 2010 | Sport
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As above. Thanks.


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Oh and I mean above 1 of course.
Doyou mean with just one dart?
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No with 3 if necessary. I think it's 162 but someone said it was lower and I can't be bothered to work it out. hehe!
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you can not checkout 169, 168, 166,165, 163,162 & 159 with three darts!
And just for another bit of trivia, 99 is the only score under 100 you cannot check out in just 2 darts.
Can't you score treble 15, then Bull = 99 ?
Er, treble 15 = 45 and bull = 50. 45 + 50 = 95...
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no. Treble 15=45+50(bull)=95.

Eyegone - You can't checkout 2 in 2 darts :-)

Anyone watching the final? I was hoping chizzy might do it but he can't seem to finish.
No wonder i can't play darts : ) 95 !!!!

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What's the lowest score not possible to check out on in darts?

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