Military Personel at Wimbledon

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GlenB | 12:22 Sun 28th Jun 2009 | Sport
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Why are there military personel in uniform at Wimbledon? Are they officially on (military) duty and are they paid either by the MOD or by the Wimbledon authorities?


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They talked about it on the beeb yesterday.
They are off duty service men and women, acting as wimbledon stewards, mostly recently back from active service.
Didnt say if they were being paid, or if so, who by.
Servicemen and women of HM Forces are paid 365 days of the year, whether on leave or deployed.

I've known former colleagues who have attended Wimbledon in such a capacity and as far as I can recall it is usually on a voluntary basis i.e. they usually attend whislt taking their official leave.

It's been a while since I served though so policy may have changed.
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My son was to have been a steward this year. He had to put in a leave request which was granted and booked a hotel close by. The MOD would have re-imbursed him for this and he would have received his usual pay whilst attending.
Unfortunately, his work commitments over-rode this 'break' and he has had to perform his usual duties instead.

I had the VCR all set and was looking forwards to spotting him on the Centre court, too :o(
Don't think so Steve5, I've seen ranks from SAC (RAF) and Spr right up to WO II at Wimbledon.

Can't say I've ever seen any officer's though!
They get subsistance on a daily rate basis, and are paid by the AELTC not the military. Ranks are from Private to WO1 and Commanding ofiicer is LT. COL and 2ic is a Major.
they are there to tussle with swine flu
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Military Personel at Wimbledon

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