Loud grunting in tennis

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jason.p | 08:43 Sat 30th May 2009 | Sport
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I've just seen a clip from the French open where an umpire cautioned a player for excessive noise. I've noticed this "animal grunting" becoming more annoying of late. Is it really necessary, and would it be reasonable to actively discourage it, as it must be quite distracting for the other player? I often find it so annoying I turn the sound off, but then I'm missing an important part of the broadcast.


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Sensible umpire! Jason.p Sometimes turn the sound down for the very same reason as the grunting is annoying agree. French Open has been fabulous this year in spite of the strange noises by some tennis players. Prefer racket smashes to grunting!
I think it should be banned altogether.
Grunting or tennis waterboatman?
I find Maria Sharapova's grunts quite sexy ture=related
"...then I'm missing an important part of the broadcast."

Unless you're blind, what are you missing with the sound off?
Only the grunting which you can't stand anyway!
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No Paraffin, I'm not blind, but I do find the commentary informative. You may not but that's your opinion.
Jason.P Find the commentary most interesting especially when John MacEnroe is commentating yet most of the commentators analysis& background information is quite enjoyable- enhances the whole tennis experience for sure. Enjoy the rest of the French Open & all the tennis this summer Jason P. Good topic. Cheers, Simon

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Loud grunting in tennis

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