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lesblue | 16:33 Tue 17th Mar 2009 | Sport
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1. Which ground holds the record for the highest league attendance in England?
2. What nationality is ex-World speedway champion, Lionel Van Praag?
3. Who were the last County Champions of the 20th century? (cricket)
4. Which athlete won 122 consecutive races over a period of almost ten years?
5. Who was the last golfer from outside Europe or USA to win the Open?
6. Which British Olympic Gold Medal winner was born in Sri Lanka?
7. Which horse was "first past the post" in the void Grand National of 1993?
8. Who was the last winner of the Junior Championship at Wimbledon, to go on to win the Men's title?
9. How high (in feet and inches) is the goal in Netball?
10. Which country has won the most titles since the Italy joined to make up The Six Nations Championship?


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4. Ed Moses (400m hurdles)?

5. Ernle Els?
Question Author
7) Esha Ness.
7) Esha Ness. I backed it as well!!
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Correct, Everhelpful. Thats the sort of luck I have, too.
1) Maine Road (and city were not playing)

3) Surrey

8) Micheal Stitch?

10) England
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Correct on numbers 1 and 3, Dave. Not 8 or 10.
Well i'm not goggling :-)

I have never heard of Van Praag but sound Belgium
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Sorry, not Belgium. And I am off to work, shortly. Catch you tomorrow.
6 David Wilkie

2 Australian

10 France
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Yes,yes,yes. Just numbers 8 and 9 to go.
8 Roger Federer, won the junior title in 1998

9 �.05 metres from the ground. Must be 10 feet, I suppose
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All correct. Well done.

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