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charliesteve | 19:33 Mon 27th Jun 2022 | Sport
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Am I the only one to think that Bairstow should have helped Root to a century when he reached his own 50. I respected him until now.


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The way that England have had a propensity for a middle order collapse I doubt Root would have even mentioned it.
Rotating the strike is not really an option in Test cricket, just knock ‘em off when the opportunity arises, no time to dither.
Root did not seem upset ...
Furthermore, don’t forget that Root isn’t the captain any more(not that he’s have made an issue of it) it’s Stokes.
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When Bairstow reached 50 England needed 30 to win and Root was on 80. Still think Bairstow was selfish.
Just a reminder that 2 Yorkshiremen get England out of the mire again:-)....not that I'm biased:-)
> Am I the only one to think that

Yes, I think you are, especially compared to the team themselves.

Root had lots of opportunity to score at a higher rate before Bairstow came in, and even after. What you're asking for is for Bairstow to adjust his style, puttyhis wicket at risk, so that Root could achieve a disproportionate share of the total. I don't think that's really on. It's a team game, and the most important thing is that the team won, with each of the individual team members playing their respective part.
putting his*
Both get double scores on their averages as they were both not out.
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Have taken it all on board and the main thing is that England won as has been stated. I will keep searching for someone with the same opinion as me though. In th pub somewhere.
That may take a while, charlie. Hope you have eaten.
With only 10 runs needed to win, Root blocked the last ball of the over to leave Bairstow on strike. He knocked a 4, then a 6 to win the match.
Which county do Root and Bairstow come from? :-)
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Play for Yorkshire but where they are from I am unsure.
they both did pretty well today.
Root was born in Sheffield, Bairstow in Bradford.

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Test Match Batting

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