Where Can I Do This Kind Of Physical Activity As An Adult?

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Raidergal2022 | 14:05 Tue 24th May 2022 | Sport
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Ive just been walking around a local attraction/forest and it had a play area - like a rope for kids to balance across and monkey bars

As it was quiet I couldn’t help having a go even though I wasn’t with any children and although I felt daft at the time afterwards I felt really good as I’d completed it fast and it reminds me of how good I was at this stuff as a kid lol

I really really wish they had stuff like this for adults. I mean I know there is ninja warrior and go ape etc but they are very expensive and it’s not like they are clubs that you can join. Where can I do this stuff with other adults? None of my friends are very active and arnt into this stuff

I think there’s this drive to get adults fitter yet all the fun spontaneous physical activities are aimed at kids. I’d love more than anything to climb around a jungle room/play one with all the swing bridges, nets etc


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'Borrow' someone's kids for a couple of hours, take them to the same place and join in with them. Make sure you ask the parents before you 'borrow' them, though :-))
Adult facilities seem to be referred to as 'calisthenics stations'. A park local to me that has some appears on this map:
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Do you think if I designed some sort of ‘jungle room’/active play area business for adults there would be much business..

No idea how I’d start this as I’ve no money

Then there’s all the health and safety stuff/avoiding being sued I’ve no idea about
Go Ape ...

There are probably similar things around ...
Oops, sorry, I missed the mention of Go Ape in the OP!
I think if you started a business there would be a market for it, but by the time you’ve bought or rented the land and all of the equipment and put people on site to look after the customers, you probably wouldn’t be able to charge much less than Go Ape.

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Where Can I Do This Kind Of Physical Activity As An Adult?

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