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fbg40 | 16:45 Sat 30th Apr 2022 | Sport
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Just watched the Red Roses beat "Les Bleus" to become Ladies 6 Nations Champions and get the Grand Slam, brilliant achievement. The RFU should think about the ladies coach to coach the mens team !!


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what a ridiculous think to say. For a start the women's team couldn't beat a mens pub side.
I rather enjoy watching women's rugby union, as they are highly skilled and entertaining.

Depends upon which pub TTT.....I would back the women against quite a few men's pub rugby team.
no chance, any mens tea, would thrash them, a 14 year old boys team would thrash them.
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Why was my observation so ridiculous ?? In no way did I say that the women could beat a men's team. I would suggest you read it again.
The statement re the coach should coach the men's team was tongue in cheek - or could you not see that ??
I agree, fbg40, it was an excellent match.
The whole tournament has been brilliant to watch.
It bodes well for our performance in the World Cup in NZ later in the year.
I agree that Simon Middleton ought to pass on a few tips to Eddie Jones. :o)
because you slagged off the means team based on zero knowledge.
Question Author
Who slagged off the men's team ?? I said nothing of the sort.
You really should lighten up.
"The RFU should think about the ladies coach to coach the mens team !! " - what does that mean then? You've been busted, man up, stop squirming.
It was a joke, give it a rest for goodness' sake!
TTT believes that there are some things simply too precious to be mentioned in tones of anything other than the utmost reverence.....the performances of the England Mens RF Team are obviously one of those.
Meanwhile, back in the real world, there are many of us who are happy to acknowledge that Englands Women RF Team are on a healthy winning streak made up of impressive performance.
I am also pleased for the ladies. I just don't think it's fair to slag off the mens team like this.
"I just don't think it's fair to slag off the mens team like this."

Ten of those words are superfluous.
fbg poked fun at Eddie Jones, as he's entitled to considering the results Jones has had: winning two matches out of five in each of the last two 6N tournaments is nothing to be sounding the trumpets for.

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