Totally Shell-Shocked!

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Ken4155 | 11:04 Fri 15th Apr 2022 | Sport
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Burnley have sacked Sean Dyche, our greatest ever manager. Yes i know that's what regularly happens at football clubs who find themselves facing almost certain relegation but we have just had the most successful 10 years - 2 promotions to the Premier League and a 6 season stay under Dyche. The club (through chairman Pace) say that this move has been done in order to give the club the best chance of survival in the PL. What nonsense! Not only has Dyche gone, but his backroom staff, too. A four man team, which includes Capt Ben Mee, will be in charge for the West Ham game on Sunday.
I have a feeling the management are preparing for life in the Championship and will appoint a manager who would not command the wages Dyche was on. Was it ever so at Burnley Football Club.


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I was surprised when I heard this today.
I would have thought they'd give him 'til the end of the season and maybe sack him if they got relegated.
So a new manager has got 8 games to avoid relegation, whilst getting to know the team, etc.
I'm with you,insofar as I reckon they're already planning for life in the Championship ...... we shall see .....
how can they sack the leader when there's a war on?
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As you say, Giz, the timing is all wrong. Either they sack him around December, before the January transfer window, or at the end of the season.
And, if as expected, we do go down, who is better placed to try and get us back up? Answer; Sean Dyche? None of it makes sense.
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jno, the war hasn't reached Burnley yet :-/
//// jno, the war hasn't reached Burnley yet :-/ ////

Ken, you obviously haven't been to Stoneyholme or Stoops Estate ??
Everything in your OP Ken, has no relevance to the owners. Long service and acheivements mean nothing to them. They are business people, not sports people. Sackings and replacements are probably a way of life to them, where, in situations like this, the loyal fans have the least consideration.
Get ready for the entrance of Big Sam.
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Giz, i lived on the Stoops Estate for a while and am not far from it now. As for Stoneyholme (& Daneshouse area) i've decorated hundreds of houses there. And i live to tell the tale :-)
Absolute madness, but I'm not shocked. Normal in today's mad English football world.

PS can we have Sean at the Hawthorns?
Whats wrong with the manager you have now snigger ^^^^^^
He's ex The Vile
And Blues ( wonder why he was so unpopular at the Villa ).
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Whoever gets Sean Dyche as their next manager will thank Alan Pace for sacking him. While the Clarets fans will make Pace wish he'd stayed over the pond.

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Totally Shell-Shocked!

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