Flue-Like Symptoms After Lifting Weights?

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ntibbetts | 04:51 Thu 16th Dec 2021 | Sport
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I drink 80+ oz of water daily

I eat chicken, vegetables, eggs, white rice, plenty of protein, carbs etc.

When I was bodybuilding, my diet was great. lots of vegetables and nutrients. I never used butter - always organic ingredients. I would always cook my meal preps at home.

I take vitamins daily: vitamin A, D, Z, C, omega, etc.

I would get a decent amount of sleep: 7+ hours

I am a 22-year-old male

my body type is “ectomorph”

I maintain a calorie surplus while bodybuilding.

I have had difficulty breathing in the past, but nothing I would consider major, except for an episode I had for over 24 hours where I couldn’t catch my breath after leg day.

I was body-building for 6 months before I ever had issues, which was diagnosed as Valsalvic Retinopathy - swelling in my optic nerve after lifting, which was theorized to be due to not breathing properly during a workout (which I have fixed since).

I work out for about 1–2 weeks before this phenomenon happens (fever, difficulty breathing, extreme fatigue - all symptoms have lasted for up to 24 hours after a workout.

I don’t believe I’ve been working out too hard. When I get back into my 4 day-a-week routine, I take it slow, before these symptoms occur.

I smoke a cigar every 1–2 weeks.

I do not drink the days I work out (i.e. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)

When I drink on the weekend, I will have 1–3 drinks (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

I have questioned if alcohol could be the cause.

I am absolutely desperate for anyone who has been in my position. If you have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to respond. Bodybuilding makes me happy, and I want to continue it. - many thanks.


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If I were you I would speak to a medical professional

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Flue-Like Symptoms After Lifting Weights?

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