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grumpy01 | 18:44 Tue 14th Dec 2021 | Sport
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Have just read that Burnley star of the 1960’s Jimmy Robson has passed away .He is the seventh player of their championship side from 1960 who has died from Alzheimer’s disease.Are there any players of that era left now Ken?


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Pretty sure that the N.I. player Alex Elder is still alive. He played for the Potters as well. We loved him. Iron A*@e we used to call him.
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Thanks Togo,I think he was only about 20 at the time so perfectly possible
We in the stands loved him for his honesty and endeavour. Just one problem with him.. He was like a tram on rails and couldn't turn or change direction. Great in the air and with the ball at his feet but if the ball was knocked past him he just kept going and usually flattened someone. He would be sent off every game these days. I think at Burnley he played further into midfield and had full back cover.
I am sure that Ken will find the thread Grumps. If he doesn't, I will give him the heads up in one of the Gee Gee threads. He will know all there is to know, and may well be finding out everything as we wait for him.
Counting his money again, I expect. ;-)
Only just seen this thread grumpy. Always sad when one of the players from that successful era dies.
Here, to the best of my knowledge, are those of that squad of Champions that are still with us;

Alex Elder (80), Bobby Seith (89), Ian Lawson (82) and Trevor Meredith (84).

Back to counting my money :-))
Of the four mentioned players, Elder and Seith played the majority of games while the other two played only 8 and 7 respectively. Meredith's contribution, however, was most notable as his 7 appearances brought 3 goals; one in a 2-1 defeat, one in a 1-1 draw with Blackpool and, much more importantly, the decider in the 2-1 win over Man City which brought the title to Turf Moor.
Not a Burnley follower ,but always remember the name Bob Lord.
I think that he was a local butcher, Chairman of the club and a larger than life character.
Many absolutely hated him, Sqad, but his business acumen and no-nonsense attitude played an integral part in keeping Burnley FC punching above their weight in the top tier for such a long period of time.

Thanks Ken.
The other name that springs to mind for a Southern Jessie is Eddie Kilshaw, but I think he played for Bury.....LOL

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