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Hopkirk | 15:08 Mon 06th Dec 2021 | Sport
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It's really good news that Darren Gough has got a top job at Yorkshire cricket.

It means we won't have to hear him on Talksport - or am I wrong?


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You've got about three-quarters of an hour to re-tune, Hoppy;-)
"He will be on the Drivetime show on talkSPORT on Monday to discuss his new role at Yorkshire. Tune in from 4pm to listen"
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Oh, I missed the beginning. It's not worth tuning in now.
Wrong. I will miss him as he was the sensible voice of reason, unlike some of the egotists on talkSPORT.
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Oops, sorry Bill.
Its alright Hopkirk, there is no need to apologise, i do not like the way some of the programme hosts talk over and talk down their telephone callers. They need to respect the callers opinions more.
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Funnily enough I used to be really wound up by Goughy's drive time partner, Adrian Durham.

However it took a while but I get him now. Unfortunately Goughy wound me up, so I seldom listened.

My favourites on TS are Hawksbee and Jacobs.
That's what I said to Mr Alba when I heard the news :-)
(the op)

Clips of the week Hoppy?
Since Alan Brazil stopped his 5 mornings a week, the clips section seems much shorter....

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