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ImLostAgain | 18:57 Wed 29th Sep 2021 | Sport
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After watching the Man City v PSG game in the pub last night the chat got around to other British teams (as it does) and the subject of Arsenal came up. Now there is a fellow in there who usually throws in some footy trivia and last night he said that Arsenals previous ground wasn't called Highbury but was actually called Arsenal Stadium. Now this chap is also known as a bit of a wind-up merchant, so is there any truth in his statement?


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he's correct, in the same way that Celtic Park is often referred to as Parkhead.

better than Hearts in Edinburgh - not many folk know the origin of the name 'Hearts - of Midlothian' - originally the local clink, well loved by many of our Edinburgh brethren!
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Well thanks everyone. Seems he wasn't winding us up after all.
Thanks again.
Fleetwood still play at Highbury :-)

Often grounds are referred to both by a stadium name andthe area they are situated in

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